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Cheeky Poetry the book is available to purchase online in paperback from all major retailers! Click below to purchase yours now! 



In August 2021, "The Hat in the Cat", a completely bonkers rhyming poem written by Jennifer Welch, was brought to life using dance movement. This super fun 'experiment' resulted in the birth of the Cheeky Poetry theatre company, and the rest is history!

This emerging company is all about energetic and engaging dance theatre which tells vibrant stories on stage through the use of poetry and dance. 

A bit more about us...

Cheeky Poetry is a dance theatre company combining the spoken word and poetry with dance. Written, directed, choreographed and performed by Jennifer Rose Welch alongside the amazing dancers, Cheeky Poetry is on a mission to tell stories and spread joy to audiences through the use of spoken word, choreography and performance.  


It creates well choreographed and cleverly timed animations of stories told through rhythmic verses and rhyming couplets. The content is engaging, relatable and mostly upbeat. Topics vary from the deep and meaningful to completely bonkers and super fun, but all are deeply committed to providing top quality entertainment.

Since being established in August 2021, Cheeky Poetry has made appearances at the London Hospital Tavern, The Mulberry theatre and the London Palladium for Britain's Got Talent.

Connect with us online @cheekypoetry

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"Welch's Cheeky Poetry gave us an acute focus on the female experience through their use of rhyming couplets, expressive dance and music." 

- Everything Theatre
"Uplifting and fantastic performance with great energy, our audience was thoroughly entertained."

- Anna Fiorentini, Founder and Director of Stage and the City
"Their ability to bring such playful energy to storytelling is wildly engaging and makes audiences beam with joy!

- Hoo Hah House Productions
"Beautifully written story and choreography by Jen Welch. With a wonderfully timed performance by the fabulous dancers from Cheeky Poetry!

- Jack Holliday, Musical Director/Creative Director
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