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Cheeky Poetry the book is available to purchase online in paperback from all major retailers! Click below to purchase yours now! 

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Cheeky Poetry is a charming debut poetry collection exploring highly relatable topics with bags of humour and witty rhyming verses. It gives us both hilarious and profound observational accounts of the everyday human experience, told with compulsive honesty and warmth. Ever had an existential crisis? Bad dating experience? Over indulged a bit too much? Yep, it has you covered!
Cheeky Poetry launch party
Cheeky Poetry Launch Party
Cheeky Poetry Launch Party

Writing and poetry
Jen has written countless poems and short stories, and has performed some of her work at live stand up comedy nights and at venues such as the well known poetry
café in Covent Garden, the London Hospital Tavern and the Mulberry Theatre. Her children's poem 'Little Star' was published with in 2020 and she has just released her charming debut poetry collection in paperback titled "Cheeky Poetry". As a keen communicator, she also holds a bachelor of arts degree in Spanish and French and has experience working as an English teacher in South America.


Jen's children's poem Little Star was published in 2020 by

You can view their online library here:

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